Yvonne Wildi Counselling & Psychotherapy/Intuitive Horse Personal Development Facilitation
Clinics located in Brenchley. Kent, TN12 and Pembury, TN4

Easy access from Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, Cranbrook, Paddock Wood and Maidstone

Mobile: 07712 657229

Email: yvonne.wildi@btinternet.com




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Yvonne Wildi Psychotherapist & Intuitive Horse Personal Development Facilitator 07712 657229 yvonne.wildi@btinternet.com
Yvonne Wildi Psychotherapist &Intuitive Horse Personal Development Facilitator07712 657229yvonne.wildi@btinternet.com 



How do I arrange an initial consultation?


You can either email me or call me on my mobile to arrange a meeting at the earliest, mutually convenient time.  Please note that my mobile will be switched off or onto silent when I am with clients. If you leave a message I will return your call at the earliest opportunity.


What is the difference between counselling and psychotherapy?


They are both 'talking therapies' with no real definitive distinction between them.  Generally speaking however, counselling focuses more on current issues in a person's life and can therefore be helpful in fewer sessions.  Psychotherapy tends to deal more with deep seated issues from the past which continue to affect a person in the present and can take longer to work through.


How many sessions will I require?


Every individual is different and the number of sessions for each person will therefore vary. Some people find a few sessions are all that they need, whereas others value more long term support.  We will regularly review your therapy as it progresses.


How often are the sessions held?


Sessions are usually held weekly on a set day and time agreed by both parties.  However, I will see people fortnightly, especially as the end of the therapeutic period grows near. 





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