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Yvonne Wildi Psychotherapist & Intuitive Horse Personal Development Facilitator 07712 657229 yvonne.wildi@btinternet.com
Yvonne Wildi Psychotherapist &Intuitive Horse Personal Development Facilitator07712 657229yvonne.wildi@btinternet.com 


Depression & Anxiety


If you feel you are depressed, it may seem that no-one or nothing can help.  We all have times where we feel unhappy and miserable and we may say we are 'depressed' but these times usually pass.  Sometimes however, these feelings persist or return time and time again and can have a devastating impact on your relationships, work and all aspects of your life.  


Although everyone experiences some level of anxiety from time to time, before exams or interviews for example, for others it can become an overwhelming response to aspects of living, leaving them with feelings of panic and dread.  This level of anxiety has a hugely detrimental impact both physically and psychologically.



If you feel you are struggling with depression and/or anxiety, you may find it helpful to speak about it to a professional who will do their very best to understand how it is for you and help you move forward. 


I offer individual counselling to adults in the Brenchley area within easy reach of Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, Sevenoaks, Paddock Wood and Maidstone.




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