Yvonne Wildi Counselling & Psychotherapy/Equine Assisted Personal Development Facilitation
Clinics located in Brenchley. Kent, TN12 and Pembury, TN4

Easy access from Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, Cranbrook, Paddock Wood and Maidstone

Mobile: 07712 657229

Email: yvonne.wildi@btinternet.com




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Yvonne Wildi-Psychotherapy & Equine Assisted Personal Development yvonne.wildi@btinternet.com 07712 657229
 Yvonne Wildi-Psychotherapy &Equine Assisted Personal Development  yvonne.wildi@btinternet.com07712 657229 

Client Testimonials

Equine Assisted Therapy: 'It was so different to any other healing/therapy session I've experienced before (nearly 20yrs as a healer & intuitive). Peaceful, calming, deep, loving, healing are a few words to describe the experience -  I would ( and already have) highly recommend anyone giving this a try, no matter where they are at.' Sharon Lynn 


'The time I shared with the horse was incredible and emotional- to experience pure empathy, without judgement was something rare and beautiful. I often struggle to get in touch with my emotions but Yvonne was able to encourage me to access my feelings and experience the horses response to me - I felt completely accepted.' Jacquie Black


'I found my sessions with Yvonne truly enlightening. As a busy person sandwiched between elderly parents and caring for grandchildren it enabled me to take time to still my mind and be in the moment giving me an insight into how I'm reacting to other people's problems. Each session was slightly different - sometimes emotional but I always came away relaxed and energised' Gilly Fry



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