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If you are feeling anxious, unhappy or stuck, it can be a real relief talking to someone who will listen without judgement. I am a professionally qualified person-centred psychotherapist/counsellor with several years experience and. have worked with many clients during that time.  Issues they have brought to our sessions have included bereavement, relationship problems, anxiety, depression, addiction and various life events.   By working  collaboratively with them and checking my own understanding of what is happening for them, a safe space can be created in which difficult issues can be explored.




As well as being an experienced Person-Centred Psychotherapist/Counsellor, I am also able to offer private equine assisted personal development sessions.  This approach has become well established in the field of mental health/emotional issues/personal development and involves the client interacting with a horse from the ground – there is no ridden work.  Being prey animals, horses are very aware of their environment at all times and so live entirely in the present moment.  They are highly intuitive and communicate using feeling states and body language, so when they work with a client in the arena, they can sense what is truly going on for that client and either reflect or respond to it.  In turn, this interaction can lead to powerful insights for the client.  For example, they may start to see a direct reflection of themselves through observing how the horse is responding to them and around them in the arena.  They may also come to understand how this can be applied to their wider environment – their relationships or patterns of behaviours – and this understanding can lead to positive change. 


The experiential nature of the work means that even a single session can lead to a new awareness that the client can take forwards into their life in order to make beneficial changes. This often makes EAP extremely cost-effective.

If you have any queries about the work or would like to talk more about it first before booking a session, please do contact me.  


  An Intuitive Horse session may help with some of the following:


* Working through personal issues which may be current or rooted in the past

* Become more aware of your emotions, mind states and behavioiurs and how these might be impacting on your     life and relationships

* Exploring the possibility for change

* Quieting the internal chatter of the mind so you can experience a more peaceful place

* Connecting with your true self and beginning to trust your own intuition


I offer individual counselling for adults at private rooms in Brenchley, within easy reach of Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, Sevenoaks, Paddock Wood. Daytime or evening appointments are available.

Intuitive Horse sessions are at nearby riding stables - daytime only.  










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